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True Blood – truly entertaining.

I’ve been struggling to blog recently, even though I’m determined to make it part of my weekly routine. Blogging ain’t easy when you’re writing a book. There are a lot of terrible things happening in the world at the moment. …
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Movie Review – Pan’s Labyrinth.

There’s a reason I don’t review books/movies that I believe possess no redeeming qualities:  I’m an author, and I don’t have time to write a review about something that doesn’t inspire me. There are not enough hours in the week …
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My favourite first sentences – in no particular order. Jonathan K Benton

Without a great book to support them, the following sentences might not have been so great. Each sentence appeals to me in a different way. For example: Douglas Adams’s unique voice exudes personality. Dickens’s words are profound, and who knew …
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Queensland’s largest newspaper The Courier-Mail reviews A Wicked Kind of Dark

  I truly love it here in Queensland. The support given to me by the people of this justifiably proud and beautiful State has been overwhelming. Councillor for the Deagon Ward, the amazing Victoria Newton, read and recommended A Wicked …
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The issue I have … Pet peeves. We all have them

The issue I have with … Daylight vampires. Vampires are creatures of the night. That explains why the balance of power is not heavily in their favour. Daylight vampires are not vampires at all. Let’s call them something else. The …
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