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Then the news came on – Jonathan K Benton

It’s hard to blog deep every week. I have to mix it up because most of my creative energy is spent on my new manuscript. Sometimes an idea germinates and I’m driven into a flurry of blogging activity, like what …
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Captain America: The Winter Soldier. And some people with whom I shared the theatre

I saw the latest instalment of Captain America  on Easter Friday and boy did I love it. He’s not the most powerful superhero in the Marvel universe but he’s one of the coolest – in a geeky kind of way. …
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A piece on laughter and my two ‘all-time’ favourite jokes – Jonathan K Benton

Catch 22 is one of my favourite books. It’s also one of the funniest books I’ve ever read. Colours and shades, tears and laughter. The saddest stories have the funniest scenes, as the author takes you on an emotional roller …
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Politics – it’s a touchy subject. Jonathan K Benton

The recent pay rises given to Queensland MPs is disgraceful. This is not an article about left/right politics. All sides of the political spectrum in Australia have, at one time or another, proven themselves inept. It’s easy for the opposition …
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