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A Wicked Kind of Dark – Fairytales are not all petticoats and pixies

Always where light shines brightest, the darkness is most pitch. It is in these extremes, real and imagined, that our greatest stories unfold, and heroes stand tallest.   We see it in Wuthering Heights, when Heathcliff recognises in Hareton echoes …
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Things we do to amuse ourselves

I use dialogue from movies in everyday situations – the people I am talking to usually have no idea. They just think I’m odd. I sometimes need to adapt the quote to suit the conversation. Here’s a list of my …
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USA – Thanking you – Jonathan K Benton

I like America. It brought me Star Wars and Forest Gump. I want to hire a 1958 red and white Plymouth Fury, call it Christine, and drive Route 66 staying at dilapidated motels with flickering neon lights owned by cross-dressing …
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Practicing Prose – Jonathan Benton

I’d like to write a fantasy novel inspired by music – I have an idea but it requires some developing. The challenge is translating something as abstract as music into words. There’s no point writing a novel about music without …
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