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I’ve had a gutful: by Jonathan K Benton

I’ve had a gutful of dangerous criminals reoffending after serving pitiful sentences handed down at the discretion of sympathetic judges. Some in the legal community argue the media is stoking these feelings of mine through sensationalist reporting that excludes the …
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It’s personal – the music that changed me. Jonathan K Benton

Music has always played (excuse the pun) a massive part in my life. I love how it makes me feel, what it means to me, its magic and its power. I listen to all genres, everything from the soaring rock …
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Nelson Mandela – The Power of One.

Former Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser summed it up perfectly when he said this: ‘If we had three or four Mandelas to scatter around the world in important countries, the world today would be a safer place, and more secure …
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Rainy day writing – this blog is about everything and nothing. Jonathan K Benton

I read in a recent blog that if I don’t have anything to blog about I should at least write something. I’ll start with the weather. Brisbane didn’t have a winter – that’s how it felt anyway. The temperature might …
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