On writing A Wicked Kind of Dark – Jonathan K Benton

fae-comboA Wicked Kind of Dark began with an idea – a ‘what if’. For me it was a powerful ‘what if’ that needed to be developed. Like all good ‘what ifs’, it wouldn’t let me go, and a story grew around it. Characters blossomed inside the text. Like roses, these characters had thorns. I loved them but they could hurt me.


Then the story finished and I said goodbye … for a while. The first draft is like an overgrown Bonsai tree. Patient pruning was required. I picked up my pen, and like a pair of Bonsai scissors, I cut out obsolete words and weak prose. I pared back scenes and beautified descriptions, polishing the story around the ‘what if’.


Novels are fuelled by ‘what ifs’, powerful ideas with the potential to grow into beautiful stories.


My ‘what if’ … You’ll need to read the story to discover what beats at the heart of A Wicked Kind of Dark.



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