Jonathan K Benton – Storm Clouds

minaea-desktop2-previewToo often religion is blamed for causing war. I’m not a psychologist, but that argument is another example of people not taking ownership of the problem. Humans cause war. Pure and simple. If religion didn’t exist we’d find something else to hide behind while we lob stones at each other.


I was sitting on the train today. Clouds were brewing over Brisbane. Four women sat in front of me chatting about work. Other people read books, and still more passengers focussed on their phones. A mother sat with her young daughter. The little girl was clutching a big red Dora the Explorer bag and gazing out the window watching the world rush by.


Why do we have to share this planet with puffed up, self-important, sabre-rattling bullies, who will never ride the train with the innocent; despots who hold the world to ransom and care nothing for the little girl with the big red bag.


Our role is to protect the future, not destroy it. Please. No more. Enough.



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  1. Jonathan, I am so impressed. Please let me know when the book is out and how to get a copy or two. Luke and Carl would love a copy as well so you must let us know. John.

    1. Thanks John. Great to hear from you. The launch date is yet to be confirmed – August this year or thereabouts. Very exciting!

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