Things we do to amuse ourselves

book-revealI use dialogue from movies in everyday situations – the people I am talking to usually have no idea. They just think I’m odd. I sometimes need to adapt the quote to suit the conversation. Here’s a list of my favourites; ones that I re-use because they make me smile. Star Wars features strongly. It is my favourite movie.


If someone tells me to hurry up:

I say, ‘I’m going to hit the brakes, he’ll fly right by’.  – Top Gun


If someone points out a particularly magnificent moon:

I say, ‘That’s no moon, it’s a space station’. – Star Wars


If someone keeps interrupting me when I’m in a hurry:

I say, ‘There’s no time to discuss this as a committee’. – Star Wars


If someone asks me what I’ve done with my life:

I say, ‘I have the death sentence on twelve systems’. – Star Wars


If I mention someone’s name, and somebody else asks ‘Who?’:

I say, ‘Who? Who? What are you, an owl?’. – Heat


If somebody (including myself) makes a bad decision:

I say, ‘He chose … poorly’. – Indiana Jones


AND finally, no list of movie quotes would be complete without Arnie …


If I’m feeling stressed:

I say to myself, ‘Relax, you’ll live longer’. Total Recall

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