The map makers got it wrong! – A Wicked Kind of Dark

book-revealMinaea is a difficult world to map – the constantly changing Outerlands need to be updated on a daily basis. They are as abstract and eclectic as the imagination itself. The more earthly familiar Corelands and Borderlands can be mapped; the issue lay in finding a cartographer capable of reaching inside his or her imagination deep enough to travel to Minaea and correctly interpret the geography.

The current map featured on is based on word of mouth, therefore it isn’t reliable. Fae would get lost if they used it, and likely flattened by a stone giant or slurped up by a troll. I had to find a cartographer who understood the power of imagination, and the world in which it led too.

Josh Bracken travelled to Minaea, and was able to provide us with an accurate map of the Corelands and Borderlands. To map the Outerlands would have taken Josh an eternity – literally. But the map does indicate where the Outerlands can be found, and how to get there for those daring enough to explore infinity.

Josh’s magical map will be revealed shortly, together with some more exciting images of Minaea.

A thousand smiles

Jonathan Benton

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