A bit of fun – A Wicked Kind of Dark

If A Wicked Kind of Dark was a movie, who would play the leads? The cast I came up with would cost a fortune! Every author, in fact everyone, is allowed to dream …

I think Julia Roberts would be perfect for Tala Lae.

Julia Roberts








I’d pick Sean Bean to play the part of Rafael Lae.

Sean Bean










Christian Bale – I couldn’t think of a better Gabriel

Christian Bale








Dustin Hoffman would make the ideal Arthur.











Tim Robbins for Dennis

Tim Robbins








Allaria could be played by Audrey Tautou

Audrey Tautou








Carey Mulligan as Luthien

Carey Mulligan










I cannot pick Robert – if you’ve read this far, perhaps you can help?


Do you agree with the actors I’ve chosen?

Jonathan K Benton

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